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About Us

Company At a Galance

Lualenyi ranchining company Limited is a livestock producing company specializing in cattle. It boasts of being run by a team of open-minded business professionals whose objectives are to achieve world-class cattle producing standards through adoption of appropriate, best in class methods in aspects of the business and livestock Faming in Kenya.


Our mission is to improve stake holder value through well organized resource mobilization for breeding, buying and selling of livestock, using the most advanced and appropriate systems to achieve significant breakthroughs in livestock production and marketing.

Our Breeds

80% Complete

40% Complete (success)
ZEBU 15%

5% Complete (info)

Our Strategy

  •  Mission
  •  Vision
  •  Goal, Objectives and Target


To become the leader in livestock production and a prime eco-tourism destination in the entire region.

This will be accomplished by providing highest quality livestock products, rich wildlife/ wildlife conservation and value while exceeding customer's expectations.


To be the prime and leading, private ranching company, in the country and the entire East African region.


The overall goal of the project is to restock our ranch, increase our turnover, make super profits and increase the wealth of both the company shareholders and the community at large.

Our objective as a company is to be the most profitable ranch/ farm in Kenya by

  • Stocking high quality breeding cows and bulls.
  • supplying the region with the best quality in livestock products (value added chain).