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    Like the well-known innovators in breeding and range management techniques of earlier eras, the people of 21st-Century Lualenyi Ranch continue to aspire to new levels of excellence that are worthy of the birthplace of African Ranching.

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  • Easy To Work With

    Easy To Work With

    Their high resistance to tick and other diseases due to their motile skin which has short hair covering and a waxy secretion. These are all good deterents against the many harmful insects present in their pastures.

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  • Best Value

    Best Value

    The fact that the female Borans reach puberty at a very young age, calf with ease and have strong mothering instincts and a good milk supply to feed their calves. Their easy to manage compared to other breeds.

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About Us

Lualenyi Ranch is located in Taita-Taveta County and it can be reached by the use of Voi-Taveta road via Mwatate Trading centre after the first railway crossing from Mwatate.

The carrying capacity of the Ranch is over 8,000 cattle whereas the current number is over 1,000 heads of cattle and 350 goats and sheep for the Ranch and over 5,000 heads of cattle for tenants which automatically shows that the Ranch’s capacity is not fully utilized.

Client Says

  • John Obiero


    Thank you for the personal touch, understanding and responsiveness to all our cattle needs! We now see the whole breeding process as an art. Passion breeds excellence for sure!
  • Judy Kisenya


    Wow, just the prestigious breed we were looking for! Stunning, feature rich, easy to manage cattle and very friendly staff. Keep up the good work Lualenyi!
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LUALENYI Home of the Boran in Kenya

We Breed for fartiliy, hardiness and adaptability